God’s Garden

Inspired by Lord Ronald Gower’s exquisite garden at Hammerfield Penshurst, this is the second to last verse from “God’s Garden”, a poem originally composed in the estate’s visitor book by the English poet and hymn writer Dorothy Frances Gurney.

  1. The Auguries of Innocence

  2. Love

  3. Blood, Sweat & Beers

  4. Fire, Rust, Lust

  5. Golden Jubilee

  6. Royal George

  7. God’s Garden

  8. An Acre of Land

  9. Crazy Horse Creative Collective

  10. The Queen’s Restaurant

  11. Posters etc

  12. Redwood Tattoo Studio

  13. Scold’s Bridle

  14. Freestyle Calligraphy

  15. Weddings

  16. The Dales & Fells

  17. Ignite

  18. Peace

  19. Familia Vita Mea